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Lavrentiya: waiting to depart for Uelen...
Sunday April 8, 2007 - 65.5842° N, 170.9889° W
Quick update from Dimitri:
"We have been told that we will depart tomorrow morning, for Uelen, at 9am for the 6-8hrs ride in the vezdehod (“go everywhere”) all terrain track vehicles…consuming 1 liter of gas per kilometer! The ride has been offered to us and our loaded sleds generously by the regional administration, which received a letter from the deputy governor Andrei Gorodilov to look after us.
This letter has been sent to all local administrations. However, I just found out that we are going to be in a convoy of 3 vezdehods and the third one will be occupied by FSB (Overview in Wikipedia) (FSB official site, in Russian) members who are going to escort us to Uelen.

The storm is supposed to last a few more days. You can follow it at the following sites: Lavrentiya: Russian Weather site
Uelen: Russian Weather site

Check the speed of wind in meters per second and the temperatures in Celsius. Last night we recorded a wind speed of 30 knots with a south bound wind. This is going to make the first few days of trekking interesting, since we will be going Northwest…"

Uelen is the point where Dimitri Kieffer and Karl Bushby will resume their expedition on foot. Last year the expedition was interrupted by confusion over their proper entry into the country via crossing the Bering strait. See article describing the Bering Strait crossing: Seattle Times, Boston News, New York Times.

See below the map of the route from Lavrentiya to Uelen that they will complete in Vezdehod with their sleds strapped on top of these all terrain vehicles, in order to go to their official start in Uelen.
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