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Reposting: In Vernhiy Paren, 51kms already covered!
Wednesday March 9, 2011 - 62.39142° N, 162.22768° E
I have heard tonight over the satellite phone, that apparently this last post was truncated and here I am attempting to repost it in its entirety. My apology... I can post text (sorry no pictures or video over the slow satellite phone connection) but actually cannot see my actual website. I will be able to do that again when I reach ghiziga in 190 kms.
Paka, Dima

Day 3 - Tuesday March 8th 2011

Location: Vernhiy Paren, Magadanskaya Oblast
N62°39.142; E162°22.768

Total distance covered since March 6th 2011 start:51 kms

So long Kamchatka, so long!
It has been a pleasure ride!

And hello Magadanskaya Oblast ! The third russian state that I am able to enter by foot! And trust me, in Far Eastern Russia, none of them are small!

Omsukchan Express (aka my red sled) and I have covered our first 51kms in 30 hrs (18.5 moving hours) and were both obviously quite happy about that..
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