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So long, Pacific Ocean!
Tuesday April 12, 2011 - 61.49368° N, 157.24598° E
Current location:
N 61° 49.368'
E 157° 24.598'
Shirokaya river hunting oupost
Sergey Rudakov - Magadan Safari outpost
Maxime & Olga Burlak's home
Starting my 39th day!
Wednesday April 13th 2011
407 kms done, about 180 kms to go!

What's next on the menu?
A tough 150kms section to Galimyy followed by the last 30 potentially easy ones down to Omsukchan!

From shirokaya river bear hunting camp, I am going to progress northwest up Shirokaya river, following snowmobile tracks part of the way, disappearing soon with the latest purga/snowstorm which has already started...
Then over the Nayakhanskiy mountain range, where I will most likely progressing very slowly in the dep snow!
Then descend down the sugoy river, until I reach the old tractor Galimyy -Buksunda road, where I will go then straight west to the town of Galimyy (Supposedly inhabited by 10 coal miners) and then on 30kms to my final destination: Omsukchan!

I know, I know..
I have not post anything on the blog in a looong time, but I have been busy trying to progress!
I will post pictures once I have completed this journey in Omsukchan in a few weeks!
Hopefully, this post will appear on the blog in its entirety but there is no guarantee. A bug is currently inexplainicatively shortening my reports..
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