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Arrived in Omsukchan after 595 kms!
Monday April 25, 2011 - 62.30987° N, 155.46342° E
Current location:
Downtown Omsukchan!
Magadanskaya Oblast, Russia
N 62° 30.987
E 155° 46.342

Yes!! I am surely delighted to tell you all that I am done trekking, skiing and snowshoeing!

I entered Omsukchan, Magadanskaya Oblast last night, Monday April 25th 2011, right before midnight.

595 kms since having started 51 days ago in Paren (aka Urs Paren) in Kamchatka Koryak Okrug!

Now, I am organizing my quick return back to my home in Seattle,USA via Magadan and Moscow.

And yes, I am also already planning to return when my Russian visa will allow me, in early August 2011, to continue westward towards Yakutsk and this time, I will be BICYCLING on a ROAD!

I will post details and pictures as well as potential videos as soon as I can!
Stay tuned!

Paka Paka!
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