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Leaving Magadan for Omsukchan
Thursday August 11, 2011 - 59.5500° N, 150.8000° E
Yes, Gulnara and I are back in Magadan and leaving in a few hours for Omsukchan, loading ourselves, our cargo and bikes on board a minivan driven by our local friend and great support Ivan Zanorin.

We are indeed going to travel today 560kms on this chaotic road in a northeastern direction to our starting point in Omsukchan.

Once again, we are going to start our first bicycling section in Omsukchan and not Magadan since I last stopped there in early May after having finally being able to reach a permanent road by foot.

I will post very soon a recap and pictures on what has happened over the last few days since we landed in Magadan.

Stay tuned!
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