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Planned 2012 Nexus Expedition Route: 6680kms
Saturday May 19, 2012 -
Aug 20th Update:
I covered the first 2080 kms (~1300 miles) alone between Yakutsk (Yakutia – Sakha Republic, Russia) and Chita (Zabaykalsky Krai, Far Eastern Russia).

October 11th Update:
I covered an additional 1506kms between Chita (Zabaykalsky Krai, Far Eastern Russia) and Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.

The first 525kms were through Zabaykalsky Krai, and Agin Buryat Okrug.

I cycled the next 981kms in Mongolia in 14 cycling days between Ereentsav (North Eastern Mongolia) and Ulaan Baatar, going through Choybalsan and Ondorhaan.
I arrived in Ereentsav on Sept 1st and Ulaan Bataar on Sept 19th 2012.
Ereentsav-Choybalsan: 4 days/279 kms
Choybalsan-Ondörkhaan: 6 days/352kms
Ondörkhaan-Ulaan Baatar: 4 days/350kms

Between Sept 19th and October 11th, I took the opportunity with Gulnara to spend time exploring the region, (Ulaan Baatar, Gorkhi Terelj National Park and the Gobi desert) leaving my bicycle aside.

Russian section: 2550kms

Completed: 1100kms - From Yakutsk (Yakutia – Sakha Republic) to Never (Amur Oblast)
Southbound on the infamous Lena Highway - M56 through Aldan, Neryungri, (in Yakutia – Sakha Republic) , Tynda, Skorovodino/Never (in Amur Oblast).

Completed: 1000kms - Never (Amur Oblast) - Chita (Zabaykalsky Krai).
Rode on the recently completed M58 “Amur highway”, 1000 kms westbound through Takhtamygda (in Amur Oblast), Amazar, Mogacha, Chernyshevsk and finally Chita (in Zabaykalsky Krai).

Completed: 525kms Chita - Solovjovsk (Zabaykalsky Krai).
In Chita, I have been reunited with Gulnara and together we will start riding today 375 kms on the A166 Highway southwest to Borzya (Zabaykalsky Krai) and then proceed 65km southwest until we reach the Russian –Mongolian border-crossing point of Solovjovsk /Erdenstaav.

Click here to see a Russian video on "highway" A166.

On this route, we plan to spend some time along our way in the Agin-Buryat Okrug, while crossing the Buryat towns of Aginskoe and Mogoytuy.

Mongolian section: 2290 kms

Completed - 981 kms: Erdenstav- Mongolian capital Ulan Baatar, (southwest bound) via Choibalsan & Ondorkhaan.

380 kms: Ulan Baatar- Arvaykheer, (southwestbound).

200 kms: Arvaykheer- Bayankhongor (westbound).

380 kms: Bayankhongor-Altay (westbound)
430 kms: Altay- Bulgan Mongolian- Chinese Border crossing (southwestbound)

Alternate scenic route from Ulan Baatar to Altai: 1200 kms (instead of 960 kms through the southern route)
500 kms: Ulan Baatar- Tsetserleg; 340kms: Tsetserleg-Tosontsengel; 180kms: Tosontsengel-Uliastai
180kms: Uliatsai-Altai

Chinese section (Xinjiang Province): 500 kms

380 kms: from Mongolian-Chinese bordercrossing located in Takashiken to Burqin, via Sarbulak, Sibati, and Beitun on roads S320, G216.

120 kms: Burqin to the Chinese-Kazakhstan border crossing located in Jeminay- Maykapchagay

5/24/2012 Update on crossing Xinjiang Province: Because we are cycling through the province, we are NOT required to neither have a special permit (in addition to our valid passports and Chinese visas) nor a guide on our route. However, currently, non-Chinese traveling by motorcycle or cars in Xinjiang province are required to have a guide.

Kazakhstan section (until capital Astana, Kazakhstan): 1340 kms

470 kms: from Chinese-Kazakhstan bordercrossing Maykapchagay to Ayaköz (northwest bound via roads M38 and A346)

480 kms : Ayaköz to Karkaralinsk (northwest bound via road A345)
390 kms: Karkaralinsk to Astana (northwest bound via road M36)

5/22/2012 Update on Kazakhstan: We are NOT required to neither have a special permit (in addition to our valid passports and Kazakhstan visas) nor a guide on our route through Kazakhstan.
I recently got alerted while reading this information on Kazakhstan border zone permits requirements.
However, here is the feedback I just received today:
"Special Permits are currently only needed for the high Altai nature reserve. You would only need a special permit to go south from Katon Karagai into the Markakol Nature Reserve, and to go east from Uryl, at the end of the Bukhtarma valley east of Katon Karagai."
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