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Ahhh, L'Amour!
Sunday July 29, 2012 - 55.08132° N, 124.43856° E
Tynda, Amur Oblast, Russian Federation
55° 08′ 132″ N, 124° 43′ 856″ E

219 kms completed since I left Neryungri in Yakutia on Wednesday July 25th.
Pedaled through hard rain, hot sunny afternoons, a few mountain passes,the Evenki village of Iyengra where I was offered fresh blueberries.
Enjoyed three lovely nights in my tent listening for any potential approaching bears/creatures, met quite a few new intriguing characters on the road, trainspotted countless coal trains, watched large boats zooming by on trailers, passed beautiful landscapes and was photographed in company of more wedding parties. I was also passed by my first cyclist, Sean Hardley, on his long course.

Finally, after having crossed Chukotka, Kamchatka, Magadanskaya, Sakha Republic/Yakutia, I am pleased to say that I have arrived in my 5th Russian province/state: "L'oblast d'Amour" - Amur Oblast.

On my 4th day, I arrived in Tynda, the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline) Headquarters.
Flanked by low-lying, pine covered hills, Tynda definitely shows off its Soviet roots! It was indeed a shack village before BAM centralised its efforts in this location in 1974.

In Tynda, I took a day off to:
- enjoy a great riverside shashlik diner with my darojnik friends where I learned about the "art of making proper painted road white lines."

- walk and walk around the town, trekking along the river side, the hills and the market where I noticed a large amount of Chinese immigrants coming to sell their entire country in doses of minuscule and larger manufactured goods.

- enjoy the local banya!

I am now planning to depart Tynda as soon as I would have found a way to properly weld back my bike centerstand which fell through in this last section...

Finally, I want to thank my darojnik/road worker friends Igor and Tamara Kovalev who took the time to welcome me so kindly and let me stay in their road-workers base/HQ for the entire weekend!

Poka and yes, let me go through more Amur!
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