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Dimitri and Karl separated. Dimitri arrives in Anguema without Karl.
Friday May 11, 2007 - 66° N, 179 W
Dimitri Arrived in Anguema alone after having being separated from Karl in a "whiteout" snow storm. Karl has not yet arrived in Anguema but Dimitri believes Karl is in good health and expects him to arrive soon. Dimitri has contacted the emergency rescue department immediately and alerted them of his approximate location. Dimitri said he came to a road shortly after being separated from Karl, could not locate him, and proceeded to the nearest town. He made really good time in the last two days trek to the nearest town (~100 kilometers) so he may in fact be days ahead of Karl if Karl didn't find the same road to follow.

The information from Dimitri was short and slim since he was borrowing a satellite phone from a person in the town. He will try to update us again, but he said he most likely will not call again until he reaches Egvekinot where he can have access to a public phone.
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