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Summer 2014 Route (Kyrgezstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan)
Sunday April 27, 2014 - 42.8747° N, 74.6122° E
In the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), we will start cycling south on April 28th on M41 and plan to pass the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border at Bor - Dobo - Kyzyl Art Pass around May 23rd 2014. We foresee to cycle through the towns of Bishkek, Sokuluk, Belovodski, Kara Balta, Otmok, Toktogul, Torkent, Ketmen-Jöbö, Karaköl, Tash Kömur, Kochkor-Ata, Massy, Bazar-Korgon, Jalal-Abad, Ozgön and Osh. In Osh, we will start cycling on the famous Pamir Highway (M41), also known as the "Roof of the World", where we will be "climbing" through mountain passes as high as 4600 meters (15,000 feet). Click here for more information on the Pamir Highway. On our way, we will pass the towns of Gülchö, Sary Tash and finally cross the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the Kyzyl Art Mountain Pass.

We plan to pass the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border at Bor-Dobo - Kyzyl Art Pass around May 23rd 2014.
In Tajikistan, we plan to cycle through the Kyzyl Art Mountain Pass and the towns of Karakul’, Muzkol, Rabatakbaytal, Chechetky, Murgab, Karasu and Sasyk-Kel’.

Near Sasyk-Kel', we will leave the Pamir Highway, in order to to ride the southern Tajik Wakhan detour.
We will proceed through the towns of Khargush, Lavangar, Vrang and finally reach the Tajik-Afghan border crossing in the town of Ishkashim.

After our "detour" in the Afghan Wakhan corridor, we will proceed through the Tajik towns of Khorog, Rushan, Dekh, Barawin-Tar, Qal'ai Kumb, Khost, Komsomol Abad, Obi Garm, Takhtakhamit, Fayzabad, Vahdat, Dushanbe, Gissar and finally cross the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at Denau – Tursunzade.

Note: we have two alternate routes which we may choose to take, if we need to, because of time restrictions and/or weather conditions.

They are the following:

A. Going Westward on M41 from Sasyk-Kel’ to Khorog via the towns of:
Tag Arakaki, Jelandy, Shazad and Vin.

B. Going Northbound from Dushanbe to the Tajikistan-Uzbekistan border crossing of Buston – Jehanabad via the towns of Varzob, Kalon, Anzob, Rabot, Ayni, Shakhristan, Istaravshan, Nau, Proletarsk, Khujand, Takeli and Buston.

We plan to enter Afghanistan around June 1st through the border crossing of Ishkashim in the Wakhan Corridor and plan to spend a few days, visiting the Wakhan National Park.

We plan to enter Uzbekistan in July 2014 through the border crossing of Denau – Tursanzade and cycle through the towns of Sariasiya, Denau, Boysun, Karashina, Dehqanabad, Ghuzar, Qiziltepa, Shahrisabz, Kitab, Qaratepa, Kenagas, Samarkand, Charkin, Juma, Kattaqorghan, Aqtash, Ziyadin, Karmana, Qiziltepa and finally Bukhara.Click here for more information on the "Magic of Bukhara" .

Note: we have a second alternate route which we may choose to take, if we need to enter Uzbekistan from a northern Tajik-Uzbek border crossing near the Tajik town of Buston.

On that alternate route, we would be potentially cycling through the towns of Buka, Pakhtaabad, Jizzah, Ghallaaral, Bulunghur, Samarkand, Charkin, Juma, Kattakurgan, Aqtash, Ziyadin, Karmana, Kiziltepe and finally Bukhara.

Going forward, after Bukhara, we will have a few options to pick from in order to travel to the western coast of either Europe or Africa in order to start the row across the Atlantic Ocean. We will have completed the entire expedition, upon reaching Knik Lake, after having circumnavigated the globe, crossed the equator and reached two antipodes via human power.
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