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Announcing Nexus film, new logo and leaving Tajikistan
Sunday August 10, 2014 - 38.5367° N, 68.7800° E
We have so far completed 1,220 kms in Tajikistan, mostly while riding through the infamous Pamir Highway, also known as "Roof of the World" and through the Ishkashim corridor.

Along the way, we took some time off in Murghab, Khorog and finally Dushanbe where we visited friends.

In early July, we also had to leave Tajikistan for a few weeks to attend a family reunion in Kazan, Russia, in Gulnara's family, renew a Tajik visa and repair a bicycle rear wheel!

Riding through the Pamir 4000 meters+ mountain passes as well as encountering a very rich and welcoming local culture was a terrific experience.

We definitely plan to share this great experience in details (through stories, photos, videos) on our website and blog in late September but for the time being, we need to start cycling west towards Uzbekistan before my new Uzbek visa expires!

In the meantime, we are proud to tell you that we have just completed an 80 minutes full-length documentary which relates the first few years of Nexus Expedition.

If you wish, "like" the Facebook page "The Traveler", to receive updates as the distribution adventure begins!

This movie was co-produced by Erik Nachtrieb and Vivienne Smith.

Thank you Erik and Vivienne for your great support while having sieved through terabytes of raw film!

Finally, we would like to announce that we have a new logo for Nexus Expedition!

We have decided that it was time to get a new logo to better reflect the different human-powered modes of transportation used by Nexus Expedition in the past, present and future while circumnavigating the planet!

Thank you, artist David Verchot for this great new logo!
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