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Dimitri and Karl reunited in Anguema, Dimitri continuing alone.
Monday May 14, 2007 - 57.03° N, W 178' 48
Dimitri arrived in Anguema Friday may 11th (Russian time), after being separated from Karl. They were separated on May 7th at about 11am at N 57' 22, W 176' 50 on their way to the village of Anguema (N 57' 03, W 178' 48).
A day after their separation, Dimitri found the gold mining town of Vastoshishno.
Prior leaving Nashken, he was told by a local chukchi about this gold mining town, pointing on his map with an approximate radius of about 20 miles. The town did not appear on his map.
He was welcomed by the community of 50 miners who gave him some meals, a banya and even a bed to rest for the night !
The next morning, Dimitri took the winter road leading out of the gold mine and which took him down to Anguema in 2.5 days.
He was able to cover 50km/day, now only using his Susitna Montrail shoes, and making a fast pace to Anguema.

Dimitri believed that Karl was in good condition and probably continued straight through the tundra, not taking the risk to lose time while trying to spot the gold mining town and its connecting winter road.
However progressing exclusively through the tundra would probably reduce his movement to 20km/day.

On Sunday (Russian time) Dimitri received news from a local on a snowmobile that Karl was spotted about 9km outside of the village of Anguema.
Karl arrived in the village today Monday 5/14 (Russian time).

Dimitri and Karl are going to take a day or two of rest in the village of Anguema before they carry on towards Egvekinot, one of the larger towns on their route.

To complicate matters, they received news that their local permits will be expiring on May 30th.
They will have to resolve this issue upon arrival in Egvekinot.

Next news should be from Egvekinot.
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