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Southbound for Bandar Abbas!
Monday October 5, 2015 - 35.6961° N, 51.4231° E
We are finally able to reach a decision after having met today for a third time with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. I was told indeed that I will “most likely” be allowed to kayak the approximate 50 kms across the Strait of Hormuz from Qeshm island to Khasab (Musandam Peninsula), Oman.
In addition, after having been in contact with our fifth Saudi consul (so far 3 in Paris and 2 in Iran), we were also told that we have " a chance" to be granted the permission to cycle across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, once we will get to Dubai, UAE.

So, after taking all of these probabilities and risks in mind, we are now ready to take the plunge and choose our Southern route, which could lead us from Iran to Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and proceed further south through the Eastern coast of Africa.

Quite enjoying the experience we are having while cycling through Iran. A very hospitable and fascinating land.
We have already been in this country 40 days and hopefully quite a few more to go.

Thinking of you all, wherever you are.
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