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Currently looking for a new Russian travel company to invite me in Chukotka
Tuesday February 19, 2008 - 47.6097° N, 122.3331° W
Yes, I am still in Seattle, trying to sort administrative matters in order to secure my entry into Chukotka.

Over the last few weeks, I have been told that I will probably not be able to travel this year without an escorting team, as Karl Bushby and I were able to do last year.
At first, I was told that I will have to be escorted by an all terrain vehicle such as a vezdehod.
Then, I was able to negotiate this down to one guide / escort. The first guide that I was suggested to hire is a a well-experienced musher from Egvekinot, similar to the one on this picture.

Considering that the section in Chukotka is going to be about 70 days, the cost and the logistics of being followed by an entire mushing team was going to be very prohibitive.
So, I emailed all of my friends in Chukotka and even placed an add locally to find an experienced local guide.

At this stage, it seems that I have found an experienced 50 years old herdsman from Anguema who could potentially join me with a few of his reindeers.
Will he travel in them, in front of them, behind them or on them, I am not quite sure yet...

I just know that I will be pulling my sled, if there is still any snow this Spring !
My potential local guide does not speak English which would obviously force me to make some serious progress in Russian and that's good !

Now, the main remaining obstacle that is still preventing my departure is the fact that the company that originally submitted all of my documents and apply for my permission to travel through Chukotka, no longer can support me.

I am now looking for a travel company or travel agent with whom all my documents (approved by the local administration, as well as my 1 year Russian visa with multiple entries) could be transferred to and which would be willing to invite me officially.

If you are aware of such company, please email

I would like to depart for Chukotka as quickly as possible, before the snow melts any further and hinders my progress with my sled…
Sidenote: signification of the Chukotkan flag.
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