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Most likely flying to Chukotka, Russia on Tuesday April 8th 2008
Friday April 4, 2008 - 47.6097° N, 122.3331° W
One step closer...

I have booked my Alaskan Airlines flights leaving Seattle on Monday night April 7th 08, connecting in Anchorage, Alaska and landing on Tuesday morning April 8th 08 in Nome, Alaska.

I have received confirmation from Bering Air that I will be able to get on the flight scheduled usually on a weekly basis on Tuesday April 8th 08 out of Nome, Alaska to Anadyr, Chukotka.

This is a chartered flight for the gold mining company Kinross to transport some of their North American employees (mostly managers, engineers, builders) and cargo to Anadyr where they will connect to their final destination and exploration center in Kupol, Chukotka.

The last variable element is whether or not, Kinross will supply enough cargo in addition to the 4 reserved passengers to Bering Air between now and Monday to justify the flight for this week.

Once I reach Anadyr, I plan to use Chukotavia to fly to Egvekinot (where I last trekked and which is therefore my starting point) or go by vezdehod, depending on what will get me to Egvekinot the soonest.

Once again, the reason why I am choosing this route to return to Anadyr and Egvekinot is because it is by far the most efficient route there is.

This route involves less far eastern russian cities in flight connections, therefore requiring less permits and less chance to lose my cargo along the way between multiple airlines.
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