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Dimitri is seeking help...
Monday June 2, 2008 -
The river that Dimitri is on seems to be quite a problem at present. He is inquiring with the closest village to see what it would take for someone to come and get him out. He is on the wrong side of it and if it does not let up he will not be able to cross it safely.

We are awaiting news from the governor of Vayegi as to whether a rescue is possible or not. Dimitri could probably walk with his pack to Vayegi with little trouble, the problem is he has that huge sled with him and he can not make it there with this equipment. This equipment is necessary for his return next winter so he is trying to avoid abandoning it.

I will keep this page posted on what's happening. i don't know if anyone out there is as interested as me but just in case.

I feel confident that he will be fine, well as long as the bears keep their distance since he no longer has any bear spray...

Let's hope he's out of there soon!

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