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Dimitri must proceed 20km before a boat will be able to reach him
Wednesday June 4, 2008 - 64.09882° N, 172.19337° E
He sat tight yesterday waiting for the boat to arrive only to find out yesterday evening that the boat was unable to make it that far up river to reach him. He will have to travel further down stream where his mountain creek joins up with the Algan river. This will mean about a 20km walk/swim from his current location of 64 09.882' N, 172 19.337' E to his destination location of 172 01' E and 64 10.28' N.

He called late last night and was in relatively good spirit's though not exactly looking forward to the journey before him. It is very slow going and he is under the impression that many of the necessary km will have to be achieved via swimming. On the bright side he was able to build a fire during his day of waiting and able to dry out much of his warm weather gear which had been soaked in his previous river debacles. His drybags are apparently all compromised at this point and it seems his video and camera equipment may also be compromised.

The Mayor of Vayegi is planning on going out to reach him on friday (thursday US) as long as he had been able to cover the necessary ground.

Let's cross our fingers that he makes it quickly!!
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