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Dimitri has made great progress and seems to be in safe terrain
Thursday June 5, 2008 -
I received an update from Dimitri this morning that he has made very good progress and is finally in safe terrain. The river has gone down quite a bit allowing him to proceed a good distance. He covered about 14 miles yesterday bringing him to the Algan river, which is where he needs to be in order to be picked up.

His pickup is scheduled for tomorrow morning (June 7th in Russia). Even though he is now in safe terrain he still must be picked up because the village he must reach is upstream from the main river he is close to connecting to and he cannot drag his sled upstream.
Apparently he has been riding his sled in the water like a 'cowboy' by his own words. His feet are always in the freezing water, which is not so comfortable, but necessary to keep the sled from flipping. He does have a dry, or as he now calls it a 'damp' suit on, but that does not do much for the cold. He is proceeding cautiously and very excited to reach a dry and hopefully warm place to sleep in once in the village of Vayegi.

Once there he will be proceeding straight home to Seattle as soon as possible. This voyage may take him a while though since the remote village of Vayegi only has transportation out about every two weeks, then he still has to coordinate flights through Anadyr or Magadan back to the US.

Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers, it looks like they pulled him through this time...Thank you also to all the wonderful people in Russia helping him to stay safe, we cannot thank you enough!

Let's try to give him a good welcome home!
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