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I am out of Vayegi and finally back in Seattle!
Wednesday June 25, 2008 -
First of all, I definitely want to thank sponsors as well as friends in Seattle, Markova, Anadyr and everywhere else I can think of, for the support and encouragement you have provided to me over the last few months !
In this regard, I especially want to thank my girlfriend Ilima for the great support she has provided to me from home and Viktor Nikolaeivich Bogariev, the mayor of Vayegi, for his great support on the ground!

Viktor and his mighty boat!

I left Krasneno on May 17th 08
Arrived in Vayegi on June 7th 08
Transferred by boat to Markova on June 11th 08
Transferred to Anadyr by plane on June 19th 08
Flew back Anadyr (Chukotka Oblast)- Nome (Alaska state) - Anchorage (Alaska state)- Seattle (Washington state) on June 23rd 08

I am now back in Seattle and need to deal with the completion of an exciting move to a different home! So, I need a bit of time to settle down but do plan on posting in the near future on this site, stories, maps, pictures, edited videos and future plans.
Keep tuned!

As a preview, here are 6 raw and unedited videos taken with one of my 2 cameras, (the less performing one) and my tripod on the last section (Krasneno-Vayegi) which took me 21 days to complete alone.
Check out as well, if you wish, the intriguing bear prints left behind in the river bed...
More intriguing pictures to come later...

Enjoy the first few days of the summer if you are in the northern hemisphere or embrace the winter, down south!

Thank you again for your support and your interest!

Going Up the Lamuskaya river basin towards my mountain pass... As you can see, by then, the much needed snow had become a very rare substance...

A few comments taken on trail....

Going Down the Vilnuyneyveyem and Algan rivers...

Intriguing and beautiful bear prints , after the snow and ice has started to melt...

Meeting one of my friends on trail...
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