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Planning to return in Chukotka in mid November 2008
Wednesday October 15, 2008 - 64.1441° N, 173.1334° E
Let me start with a report on my “Summer vacation”
Here are some of the activities I partook in since I came back to the US in late June:

- Planned my autumn return to Russia: preparing documents and gear.

- Attended The Outdoor Retailer convention in Salt Lake City, Utah in order to secure additional sponsors.
Thanks to one of my main sponsors Egan & Associates, LLC .

- Spent time involved with IRC where I teach elementary computer classes and move donated furniture from donors homes to new refugees homes, (Bhutanese, Burmese Karen and Chin minorities, Eritreans, Iraqis) near SeaTac which has really become an amazing multicultural district.

- Moved and settled into a different home in North Seattle.
- Welcomed in my home Ivan Guignard, yet another visiting French 16 years old nephew.
Spent time travelling with him in the US Northwest as well as with my girlfriend ‘ilima who joined us on weekends.
- Spent needed time in the Nevada desert amongst friends.

Now, as far as the expedition is concerned, it would appear that the Russian federation and Chukotkan authorities *should* have all of my papers ready (local Propusk permit, visa, permission to bring electronic equipment - satellite phone, gps, and potentially a beacon) by November 7th allowing my return soon thereafter.

I am planning to ski and pull my sled further west for a 90 days period and then return to the US for at least a 90 days period, as it is required by the Russian authorities.

Of course, this also depends on Mother Nature…
I am waiting for the rivers to freeze completely since I am now returning to South East Chukotka (Vayegi, 64° 10' 0" North, 171° 2' 0" East) and river beds are the only place where I can travel with my sled…
Way too much bushes and trees anywhere else…
I plan to share on this site within the next few weeks exciting news on the new sponsors currently joining the Nexus Expedition family as well as an outline on my future route and maps. Finally I still plan to share soon pictures and videos on the recent Spring 2008 epic section.
So stay tuned !

My apologies if I don’t see, email or talk to all of you before I leave, as I am trying to wrap up as many things as I can!

Know though that you are all in my thoughts whether I am here or dancing alone in the middle of the tundra!

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