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Details on Spring 2010 Route
Monday October 27, 2008 -
March - May 2010

First section:
from the exact start location
N 64° 16.659; E 171° 14.107
@ 15 miles North East of Vayegi to Kamenskoye (Каменское)
(States: Chukotskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug & Koryakskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug)

Will start where the expedition last stopped on Dec 06 2008, 15 miles North East of Vayegi.
Will continue via Vayegi 64.1N, 171.02E and Slautnoye
37 miles GPS start point to Vayegi
147 miles Vayegi to Slautnoye
133 miles Slautnoye to Kamenskoye
Total: 317 miles

Kamenskoye: 62.3° N, 165.10° E
(via Vayegi 64.1N, 171.02E ; Penzhino 63.32N, 168E)
210 miles(338 kms)
14 days
48 hrs resupply stop in Kamenskoye

Second section:
Kamenskoye (Каменское) to Evensk (Эвенск)
(States: Koryakskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug & Magadanskaya)
Evensk: 61.57° N, 159.13° E
(via Manily 62.28N, 165.2E; Paren 62.25, 163.05; Kolymak 62.25N, 162.01E, Gizhiga 60.58N, 160.23E)
220 miles (354 kms)

Alternate route: There appears to be a clearly marked trail on both the TCP maps and visible on Goggle earth headed directly west. This trail disappears into low land and costal marsh after about 60 miles. From there, could push north into the high ground of the Oklanskoye Plateau, following West, meeting a trail running north south around 62°26’N , 159°46’E that will lead south to Evensk.

24 hrs resupply stop in Evensk

Sixth section:
Evensk (Эвенск) to Omsukchan(Омсукчан)
via Tavatum (61.4N, 157.48E)
via Pestraya Dresva(Пеструю Дресву) 61.32N, 156.43E (State: Magadanskaya)
Omsukchan(Омсукчан) 62.31° N, 155.48° E

Alternate route:Move towards the high ground to the village of Garmanda 62°10’N, 159°05’E 22miles north of Evensk. From there, aim Northwest 50 miles tracing a river and valley. At about 62°33’N, 158°13E, potential signs of the villages Elktap and Tenkeli. From there, move West on what appears to be a trail and continue to the town of Pestraya Dresva.

Total expected mileage for the route:
660 miles (1060 kms)
45 trekking/skiing days + 9 resupply days = 54 days
March-May 2010
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