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Dimitri's had a very hectic week readying for the trail
Monday November 24, 2008 - 64.7500° N, 177.4833° E
He has been busy meeting with officials and rescue teams to put together an 'if' plan just in case anything goes wrong, as well as checking all his gear, finalizing the specifics of his route, gathering as much local knowledge of the route as he can, arranging transport back to the point at which he stopped, which inconveniently was not in a village...and of course reserving a bit of time to savor the Russian culture and sample the Russian vodka : )

Today will be his last day in Anadyr as he heads to the airport tomorrow to both wait for a package from yours truly containing crucially important batteries and some other supplies he couldn't replenish there.Here's his action plan as of today:

'I am presenting this afternoon at the Chukotka Poly-profile college and at the local orphanage. My presentation has been completely translated in Russian.
I am going to have a good translator (Konstantin Savva) by my side for both presentations.

I am due to fly tomorrow Wed by helicopter from Anadyr to Ugolnye Kope at the airport. I am due to fly Thursday by plane from Ugolnye Kope to Markova and then go on Vayegi via wezdehod or else.'

Hopefully all the transportation plans will fall into place accordingly and he can get back on the trail within the week, though can someone please tell me how one get's excited about being outdoors in -20 degrees ALL DAY and night? It must be all that amazingly warm gear his sponsors gave him, though unless the down suit contained some kind of radiant heating system other than my body I seriously don't think I could bear it. Thankfully, I/we get to live through his adventures from the warmth and coziness of our own homes. Though I'm sure a good bit of you reading this would prefer to be out there battling alongside our winter warrior. Let's gather up a bit of positive energy to send out there to the man as he starts his trek - in some ways I think those first few days out there must be the hardest!
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