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United Arab Emirates 2016-2017
Tuesday December 13, 2016
Cycling across United Arab Emirates, 2016-2017.

Strait of Hormuz Kayak Crossing
Thursday January 28, 2016
On January 17th 2016, Dimitri was able to kayak across the Strait of Hormuz between the Iranian port of Shib Deraz and the Omani port of Khasab, after having spent 2.5 months gathering all of the proper Iranian and Omani permissions with the help of good Iranian friends in Tehran, Bandar Abbas and on the Iranian island of Qeshm, Indeed, the Iranian authorities finally allowed him to depart that Sunday morning at 2h40 in his loaned Iranian kayak, accompanied by a required 24 feet support boat where were on board Gulnara, a crew of two Iranians (Captain Mahmoud Daryanavad and their friend Massoud Tabatabae), as well as their two bicycles and all of the gear. The 70 kms (37 nautical miles) crossing took 16 hours to complete, spending a good amount of time dealing with side currents while zigzagging between supertankers, smugglers speed boats and even a roaming US coast guards frigate. In the end, the crossing was much easier than the 2.5 months of paper work it took to secure all required Iranian and Omani permissions.

United Arab Emirates 2016
Wednesday January 27, 2016
Cycling in United Arab Emirates!

Oman 2016
Tuesday January 26, 2016
Cycling in Oman!

Iran 2015-2016 (part 3)
Sunday December 6, 2015
Cycling in Iran!

Iran 2015 (part 2)
Friday October 23, 2015
Cycling in Iran.

Iran 2015
Friday August 28, 2015
Cycling Iran!

Turkmenistan 2015
Thursday August 20, 2015
Between August 13th and 20th 2015, Nexus Expedition went through 500 kms across Eastern Turkmenistan where Dimitri and Gulnara rode through the dry Turkmen landscape, spending some of the nights in hotels in the regional capitals and others sleeping in gas stations or in company of herders and farmers. Since it was going to take them more than 5 days to cross Turkmenistan, Gulnara and Dimitri could not simply use a transit visa. Instead they applied for a 14 days tourist visa, which meant that they had to be escorted throughout the country, for the first time since the beginning of the expedition in Alaska. Therefore, Murad , a Russian speaking Turkmen guide escorted them through the country. Once, they completed the crossing of the country by bicycle, in company of their escort, Gulnara and Dimitri took a few days off to visit the capital Ashgabat, a modern city with the Guinness World Record “for the highest density of white marble-clad buildings”. After that, they visited the Darvaza natural gas crater (also known as “the gates of hell”), a natural gas field that had collapsed into an underground cavern. They finally spent time in the mountainous unique region of Nokhur and at the Kow Alta Underground hot springs, before returning to their bicycles.

Uzbekistan 2015
Thursday August 13, 2015
After having taken 1 year hiatus for administrative reasons, Gulnara and Dimitri were able to return to Bukhara, Uzbekistan where their bicycles and gear had been patiently waiting for them in a guesthouse. They first took a side-trip to visit the ancient Silk Road beautiful trading post of Khiva and thereafter the rapidly disappearing Aral Sea in the Karakalpakstan northwestern region. The shrinking of the Aral Sea has been called "one of the planet's worst environmental disasters". In the early 1960s, Soviet government decided the two rivers that fed the Aral Sea, Amu Darya in the south and the Syr Darya in the east, would be diverted to irrigate the desert, in an attempt to grow rice, melons, cereals, and cotton. This was part of the Soviet plan for cotton, or "white gold", to become a major export. This temporarily succeeded, and in 1988, Uzbekistan was the world's largest exporter of cotton. In the process, region's once-prosperous fishing industry has been essentially destroyed, bringing unemployment and economic hardship. On August 12th, Gulnara and Dimitri were able to resume the expedition on their bicycles, moving southwest towards the Turkmen border, crossing 104 kms of farmlands before arriving at the Turkmen border on August 13th 2015.

Uzbekistan 2014
Tuesday August 12, 2014
Between Aug 12th and 28th 2014, Nexus Expedition route went through 702 kms across Uzbekistan farmlands where Dimitri and Gulnara had the opportunity to meet Uzbek farmers, attending to their apples, watermelons, melons and grapes fields. They also had the pleasure to spend time in two beautiful ancient Silk Road Cities: Samarqand and Bukhara where they enjoyed the architecture as well as the company of blacksmiths, rug makers, painters, and puppet makers.

Tajikistan 2014
Thursday May 29, 2014
Between May 29th and Aug 12th 2014, Nexus Expedition route went through 1294 kms across Tajikistan. Dimitri and Gulnara cycled the famous Pamir Highway (M41), where they climbed through mountain passes as high as 4600 meters (15,000 feet). The Pamir Mountains are at the junction of the Himalayas with the Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, and Hindu Kush ranges. They are among the world’s highest mountains, and since Victorian times, have been known as the "Roof of the World". Along their way, Dimitri and Gulnara were able to enjoy the company of Kyrgyz, Tajik, Pamiri herders, with their herds of sheep, goats, horses, camels and yaks. They also had the opportunity to “connect” with an Afghan camel and yak caravan across the Panj river.

Kyrgyzstan 2013-2014
Wednesday December 18, 2013
Nexus Expedition arrived in Kyrgyzstan, December 18th 2013, spent the holidays in the capital Bishkek, and went into “hibernation” mode until Dimitri and Gulnara returned in April 2014 to first tour Lake Issyk. Then, they went on to ride 984 kms across this beautiful mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan 2013
Wednesday November 20, 2013
Between Nov 20th and Dec 18th 2013, Nexus Expedition route went through 791 kms across southern Kazakhstan, where Dimitri and Gulnara rode amongst Kazakh sheep and goat herders. Along their way, they took the opportunity to experience the beautiful Sharyn Canyon.

China 2013
Tuesday October 1, 2013
Between Oct 7th and Nov 20th 2013, Nexus Expedition route went through 1332 kms across the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in Western China.

Mongolia 2013
Wednesday August 21, 2013
Nexus Expeditions cycling west from Central Mongolia through the Mongolian-Chinese border and towards Kazakhstan.

Mongolia 2012
Saturday September 1, 2012
Cycling from the northeastern Mongolian Russian border at Ereentsav to Kharkhorin in Central Mongolia.

Cycling in Russia 2012
Friday June 1, 2012
Cycling from Katchikatsy (Yakutia) to Russian-Mongolian border.

Summer 2011 Cycling
Saturday August 6, 2011
Cycling 2110 kms ( 1310 miles) from Omsukchan to Kachitkatsy, through the mountainous Omsukchan road and the M 56 Kolyma Highway, aka "Road of Bones", with Gulnara. Gold and Coal mines, Gulag relics, Road workers camps, Sakha farmers and Sakha horses. Rode the last 150 kilometers alone from Nizhny Betyakh to Katchikatsy and had to stop there for the winter because of mechanical failure.

Spring 2011
Saturday February 26, 2011
Trekking and skiing 595 kms (370 miles) from Paren to Omsukchan through Far Eastern Russian tundra.

From Vayegi to Paren 2010
Friday March 12, 2010
Back on the Trail! Trekking and skiing 700 kms (430 miles) from Vayegi (Chukotka) to Paren (Kamchatka), Far Eastern Russia, tundra, reindeer herders, trekking in company at first of Nyurgun Efremov and afterwards in company of the dogs Rice, Rex and Dunia.

Egvekinot to Vayegi, Chukotka, Spring 2008
Tuesday April 1, 2008
Trekked and skied 965 kms (600 miles) from Egvekinot to Vayegi, Chukotka. Fought the Spring conditions: rapid melting snow! First skiing, then trekking with a backpack and pulling the sled simultaneously then finally swimming and/or using the sled as a kayak while going down remote Chukotkan rivers. Encountered numerous grizzly bears but no humans in a 30 days timeframe!

Chukotka 2007
Saturday February 10, 2007
Return to Russia! Trekked and skied 685 kilometers (425 miles) from Uelen to Egvekinot through desolate Chukotkan tundra with Karl Bushby.

Bering Strait Crossing
Tuesday July 11, 2006
Completed Bering Strait Crossing successfully in 322 kilometers (200 miles) with Karl Bushby, trekking, skiing and swimming from one ice surge to the next, among spotted seals and polar bears. This was the first Eastbound crossing completed in modern times.

Tuesday January 3, 2006
Dimitri Kieffer and Karl Bushby prepare for the 2006 Bering Strait crossing, and trek toward their crossing departure point.

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