Turkmenistan 2015
Between August 13th and 20th 2015, Nexus Expedition went through 500 kms across Eastern Turkmenistan where Dimitri and Gulnara rode through the dry Turkmen landscape, spending some of the nights in hotels in the regional capitals and others sleeping in gas stations or in company of herders and farmers. Since it was going to take them more than 5 days to cross Turkmenistan, Gulnara and Dimitri could not simply use a transit visa. Instead they applied for a 14 days tourist visa, which meant that they had to be escorted throughout the country, for the first time since the beginning of the expedition in Alaska. Therefore, Murad , a Russian speaking Turkmen guide escorted them through the country. Once, they completed the crossing of the country by bicycle, in company of their escort, Gulnara and Dimitri took a few days off to visit the capital Ashgabat, a modern city with the Guinness World Record “for the highest density of white marble-clad buildings”. After that, they visited the Darvaza natural gas crater (also known as “the gates of hell”), a natural gas field that had collapsed into an underground cavern. They finally spent time in the mountainous unique region of Nokhur and at the Kow Alta Underground hot springs, before returning to their bicycles.

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