Strait of Hormuz Kayak Crossing
On January 17th 2016, Dimitri was able to kayak across the Strait of Hormuz between the Iranian port of Shib Deraz and the Omani port of Khasab, after having spent 2.5 months gathering all of the proper Iranian and Omani permissions with the help of good Iranian friends in Tehran, Bandar Abbas and on the Iranian island of Qeshm, Indeed, the Iranian authorities finally allowed him to depart that Sunday morning at 2h40 in his loaned Iranian kayak, accompanied by a required 24 feet support boat where were on board Gulnara, a crew of two Iranians (Captain Mahmoud Daryanavad and their friend Massoud Tabatabae), as well as their two bicycles and all of the gear. The 70 kms (37 nautical miles) crossing took 16 hours to complete, spending a good amount of time dealing with side currents while zigzagging between supertankers, smugglers speed boats and even a roaming US coast guards frigate. In the end, the crossing was much easier than the 2.5 months of paper work it took to secure all required Iranian and Omani permissions.

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