Presentations & Speaking
Dimitri Kieffer is an engrossing and natural storyteller. As a speaker, he tells the story of Nexus Expedition's continued journey from Anchorage, Alaska, across the Bering Strait, into and across Northeastern Russia and Mongolia.

Dimitri is available for keynote addresses. Inspiring and drawing from a long and vast ocean of experiences with people, places, weather and nature, presentations are readily tailored to any audience. They can address powerful messages such as goal setting, risk management and teamwork.

Please contact Jesse Perrell at Jesse(at)nexusexpedition(dot)com for additional information and availability.
Presentations History

Here is a short history of Nexus Expedition presentations. Nexus Expedition has presented for schools, corporations, running and touring clubs in the United States, Russia, France and South Africa.
"Nexus Expedition"
March 2012, at headquarters, Seattle, Washington

"Nexus Expedition"
February 2011, russian schools in Magadanskaya Oblast: Evensk, Giziga

April 2010, russian schools in Kamchatka: Slautnoye, Kamenskoye, Paren

Nov 2010, Rotary Club, Les Andelys, France

April 2009, Explorers Club, Northwest Symposium, San Juan Islands, Washington State

March 2009, Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma, Washington State

November 2008, russian college in Chukotka: Anadyr

November 2008, russian schools in Chukotka: Markova & Vayegi

November 2008, russian orphanage in Chukotka: Anadyr

"Setting, planning and Achieving goals"
October 2008, Fall City elementary school, Fall City, Washington state

"Nexus expedition- Report on the Spring 08 section"
October 2008, Puget Sound H3 running club, Seattle, Washington state

"Nexus Expedition"
April-June 2008, Russian schools in Chukotka: Uelkal, Anadyr & Markova

"Racing the Planet: Ultra Endurance Running & Medicine"
(Nutrition, Hydration, Foot care, Clothing)",
January 2008, REI store, Seattle, Washington State

"Around the World in 80 days or 10 years"
December 2007, Sky Valley Education Center, Monroe, Washington state

"Nexus Expedition"
April-June 2007, Russian schools in Chukotka: Ugolnye Kope, Lavrentiya, Inchon, Enormino & Nashken

"Bering Strait crossing"
December 2006, Washington Ski Touring Club, REI store, Seattle, Washington state

"Bering Strait crossing"
August 2006, Seattle Running Company store, Seattle, Washington state

"Nexus expedition- Report on the Bering Crossing section"
July 2006, Puget Sound H3 running club, Seattle, Washington state

"Goliath expedition presentation"
Jan-Feb 2006, schools in Alaska: Teller, Brevig Mission, Wales

"Goliath Expedition Press Conference"
December 2005, Fairbanks, Alaska state

"Iditarod Trail Running race presentation"
June 2005, private school, Durban, South Africa

"Iditarod Trail Running race presentation"
June 2005, adventure racing club, Durban, South Africa

"Adventure running, Alimentation & Hydration"
March 2004, REI store, Seattle, Washington state
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