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"Another perilous exploit by world walker"
Yorkshire Post - English - Tuesday December 27, 2005

A courageous ex-soldier from Yorkshire forging a 36,000-mile trail around the world is preparing for the most treacherous part of the unprecedented 11-year expedition – a race against the clock across a frozen sea – but his father says he is up to the challenge. He has only a small window of opportunity before the ice melts. Dave Mark reports.
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"Ice breakers: Adventure duo plans Bering Strait crossing"
Fairbanks Daily Miner - English - Friday December 16, 2005

That the Fairbanks Fire Department showed up Thursday afternoon to rescue Karl Bushby and Dimitri Kieffer as they were paddling across the Chena River was ironic.
So, too, was the man wearing a kilt and playing bagpipe music on the ice.
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"Report on Iditarod"
South African Adventure Racing Club - English - Wednesday June 15, 2005

Mark asked me to write my thoughts on Dimitri's presentation to our KZN AR group, so here they are.

I am not a journalist, I didn't clear what I've written with Dimitri, so it is really only an impression of him and the meeting.
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"Iditarod Trail Invitational"
Andy Wilson - English - Thursday April 7, 2005

The 2005 race is under way with a big field. 44 entrants this year with 10 going to Nome. 21 on bikes, 19 on foot, and 4 skiers.
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