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"Bering Strait Expeditions"
Wikipedia - English - Thursday November 1, 2007

In March 2006, Briton Karl Bushby and French-American adventurer Dimitri Kieffer crossed the strait on foot, walking across a frozen 90 km (56 mi) section in 15 days.[8] They were soon arrested for not entering Russia through a border control.
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"Radio Canada Dimitri Kieffer Interview"
Radio Canada - French - Monday October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 Radio Canada interview with Dimitri Kieffer.
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"Wash In <-> Wash Out"
Seattle Metropolitan - English - Monday October 1, 2007

Ultimate Pedestrianism - Microsoft's Dimitri Kieffer to walk, swim and ski around the globe!
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"Full-time adventurer sets out to circumnavigate the globe"
The Seattle Times - English - Tuesday August 28, 2007

When Dimitri Kieffer decides he wants to see the world, he's not talking luxury liners.

He's talking feet. His own.
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"Snowstorm separates two travelers in Chukotka"
Moscow News - English - Sunday May 13, 2007

ANADYR, May 13 (Itar-Tass) -- A heavy snowstorm separated travelers Karl Bushby and Dimitri Kieffer who travel on skis across Chukotka. Late on Friday, Kieffer alone came to the finish site -- the village of Amguema, a source at the traveler's headquarters in Seattle, the U.S., told Itar-Tass on Saturday.
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"Former Microsoft manager resumes trek across Russia"
The Seattle Times - English - Saturday April 7, 2007

Dimitri Kieffer, a former Microsoft manager who quit his job to roam the world, is planning to leave a Russian village today on his 1,630-mile journey between the Russian cities of Uelen and Omsukchan in the Russian far east.
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"Karl Bushby, Dimitri Kieffer to Attempt to Cross Russia Again"
Kommersant - English - Tuesday March 20, 2007

Karl Bushby of Britain and American Dimitri Kieffer that were detained in April 2006 when attempting to cross Russia’s state border in Chukotka, are back in Russia to continue the travel from South America to Europe.
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"Abramovich helps put walker back on track"
Reuters - English - Thursday March 15, 2007

(Reuters) - A helping hand from billionaire Roman Abramovich has put British long-distance walker Karl Bushby back on the road after his arrest in Russia's remote Chukotka region nearly a year ago.
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"Bering Strait Crossing"
Atlantis Rising - English - Thursday February 15, 2007

In March 2006, two adventurers crossed the Bering Strait from east to west on foot by walking across a frozen section where the distance is 56 miles and the perilous journey took them 15 days.
They were an Englishman, Karl Bushby and a Frenchman, Dimitri Kieffer—and upon arrival,
they were arrested for not entering Russia through a border control station!
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"Dimitri Kieffer heads to the Bering Strait"
Team Dart - English - Sunday January 7, 2007

Dimitri Kieffer and Karl Bushby head to Wales, Alaska, prior to the first successful Bering Strait crossing, on foot.
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