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"Cycling couple attend ceremony in Tehran"
Veterans Newspaper, Bandar Abbas - Persian - Tuesday December 22, 2015

A cycling couple in Tehran with 50 percent of French and Russian, attended ceremony with Yousefi deputy head of Hormozgan Foundation Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate General, on Monday, 23rd of December.
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"World travelers in Iran"
Darya News, Iran - Persian - Sunday December 20, 2015

Expeditionists Dimitri and Gulnara Kieffer travels in Iran.
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"Nexus Expedition in Iran"
Shahr e Babak News, Iran - Persian - Tuesday December 1, 2015

Dimitri and Gulnara Kieffer travel around the world by human power.
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"Traveling Cyclists"
Choopanan News - Persian - Sunday November 1, 2015

On a cold autumn evening I met the two foreign cyclists on the road to Chvpananayn Zrvmnd. A woman from Russia, and a man from France, traveling a path toward the northern borders of Surrey.
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"Traveling around the world in the coastal town Gaz + Pictures"
Kenare Iranian News - Persian - Tuesday September 22, 2015

Dmitry Bernard Kieffer, coming from a background in the tech industry, and Gulnara Kieffer travel around the world.
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"Crossing Turkmenistan, A Rare Chance: Kieffer’s World Circumnavigation"
Correne Coetzer - English - Tuesday August 25, 2015

Turkmenistan is very closed to the outside world, but Dimitri Kieffer and his wife Gulnara managed to get permission to cover this country on Dimitri’s route around the world.

News shot over from Dimitri yesterday, reporting their cycling in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan is completed, with some "balmy cycling days in the desert, up to 47 degrees celsius."
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"World Circumnavigation: Dimitri Kieffer’s 2015 route"
Correne Coetzer - English - Tuesday August 11, 2015

(Correne Coetzer) To be able to reach Eastern Africa the most directly, Nexus Expedition’s first and foremost needs to cross the Arabian Peninsula, "while skipping obviously any country which are currently facing domestic wars and/or facing the threat of potential ISIS, al-Qaeda, or else, related kidnapping and/or murdering, especially in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya,” Dimitri Kieffer explained in his blog.
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"The Strait Story"
Swedish Club News - English - Thursday January 1, 2015

On Friday, Jan. 16, Seattle-based, Franco-American expeditionist Dimitri Kieffer will visit the Swedish Club to give a talk on his adventures while walking across the Bering Strait. This trip was the beginning of his quest to travel around the globe solely under human power. His Nexus Expedition World Circumnavigation began in Anchorage, Alaska, in 2005. Thus far Dimitri has traveled 17,814 km (11,069 miles), trekking, skiing, swimming, paddling and biking across the Bering Strait, then into and across Russia, Mongolia and China as well as Central Asia.
Dimitri is currently planning the next leg of his expedition for 2015–16: cycling and paddling from Central Asia to southwest Africa, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, cycling through Latin America to reach his second antipode in Chile, and finally cycling back north to return to the starting point of his expedition in Alaska. At completion, the trip will total approximately 60,000 km (38,000 miles). Read more about Dimitri and his adventures at His talk begins at 7 p.m.
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